About Us

Hello and Welcome! Thank you for coming to visit us on the web.

At Larry's Cavalier Kingdom, my Kings and Queens live within my home which is in a Kansas City suberb.

While my time on this end of the business is short, my connection to the business of bringing quality, healthy and happy cavaliers into homes has spanned almost ten years. It is hard to imagine what my life would be without them. I have been fortunate enough to spend several years acting as a mid-wife for another successful breeder in the area and learned great methods to bring the quality, healthy dogs to your home. In addition to quality and health, you also will see a great temperament.

I have been very selective in my adults and my breeding program and constantly strive to improve the process. While I do have some of our dogs considering getting into the show ring, the majority of our dogs will spend most of their time in homes as a special family member.

What you can expect is a special start to life for your puppy which will include:

  •  imprinting at birth
  • a quality diet and healthy supplements for an all important jump start in life which begins at birth and continues for the life of the dog
  • litterbox training for those who may have longer periods away from home

Additional benefits your puppy will receive is a lot of love. They will be held and have some time to play and socialize with others. They will be use to music and other household noises. I don't want to be your average breeder.

If you want a fine quality cavalier that has had the best start to life we could give, then please check us out on a regular basis.

Please don't buy your next family member from a puppy mill or dog broker. You don't want to just bargain shop for this special commitment you are about to make.

Make this site a favorite and check it for new puppies often. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to send me an email or call.

I look forward to hearing from you.