Cavalier Spaniels

At Larry's Cavalier Kingdom, we breed for health, temperament, beauty, and correct size. We use TOP quality, healthy, lines raised with lots of tender loving care!

I did not want a yappy little dog. I also did not want a dog that needed a frequent visit to the groomer. Cavaliers have amazingly met those qualifications.

Cavs are easy to care for, very sweet, loving, and loyal, etc., etc., etc. They have made an impact on me and I am sure they will on you also. The beauty of these special friends will be seen both inside and out.

   Darcy, a beautiful tri Cavalier

If you want a very adaptable special member of the family that can fit into your busy lifestyle of your slow paced retirement, a Cavalier could be the perfect fit. You won't be the same after you have brought one home to be a part of your life. Many seek a second member to add to their family because of the great addition they make to the family.

Never buy your next "family member" from a pet store, puppy mill, or dog broker. Our puppies (and our adults) live in our home and are part of our family. How do you want your next "family" member raised and started in life? If you’re making a lifetime commitment to a new family member this is NOT the time to bargain shop!